Banyan is an established touring theatre company and was formed in 1993 by partners Joy Haynes and Karen Torley.
Joy is currently Artistic Director at Norwich Puppet Theatre, England.

We specialise in producing quality theatre for first audiences, using a dynamic blend of storytelling, puppetry and original
music. Drawing from the richness of fairy tales and folklore, the company has developed a unique style, exploring the use
of everyday objects and easily accessible materials to encourage the imagination and creativity of the very young.

Karen's love of Puppet Theatre began at an early age. In 1986 she joined her puppet making family 'The International Purves Puppets' as a puppeteer, touring large scale ultra violet shows Internationally. Karen then moved to 'Norwich Puppet Theatre' in 89' working as a puppet maker and designer as well as performing. It was during this time that karen's dedication to creating high quality, imagnative Puppet Theatre for young children began to flourish. Developing her own unique style Karen produced and performed some of NPT's most sucsessful shows.

Since setting up 'Banyan' Karen has worked as a free lance director/designer for many other companies, such as the Highly acclaimed 'Little Angel Theatre' London. Teaching puppetry to drama students , Directing short films and working as an arts facillitator continue to expand her work.

Having a passion for live music Karen has collaborated with many musicians taking puppetry to alternative adult audiences as well as it being an integral part of her work with children.

Now based in N.Ireland, Karen continues to develop and expand her skills, and produce creative theatre and is commited to keeping the art of puppetry alive and exciting!


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