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Little Red Riding Hood

Elves and the Shoemaker

Adapted from the Brothers Grimm classic.

There was once a poor shoemaker, who worked very hard, but still he could not earn enough to live upon. All he had in the world was gone, he only had just enough leather to make one last pair of shoes...
Just when he thinks all is lost, help comes in a very unexpected way!

An adaptation of the much loved 'Brothers Grimm' classic fairy tale, using puppetry, object theatre and original music. The story is set in a shoemakers shop and is told in a playful way with gentle audience participation.

Performance length 45mins | Suitable for ages 3-11
Max audience 150
Little Red Riding Hood

'Oh Grandma, what big eyes you have!'
A curious young girl weaves her way through the woods to her grandma's house. A journey full of suprises... A playful and imaginative re-telling of the timeless Brother Grimms story.

" Live performance, puppet operation and visual invention... Banyan's 'Little Red Riding Hood' is designed for children, but if you, an adult, ever wondered why you were fascinated by the art of puppetry, go and see it, and you will be well reminded!"
Animations Magazine

Performance length: 50 min | Suitable for ages 3-11
Max Audience: 150 | Available with live music


The Emperor's New Clothes

Two swindlers come into town pretending to be master tailors.The vain Emperor summons them to fashion him a set of clothes the like of which has never been seen before. This charming and humourous adaptation is told through puppetry,original music and storytelling.

"Banyan presents a puppet version of 'The Emperors New Clothes' with deceptive simplicity and easy persuasive humour... the result is a richly colourful, gently witty and eloquently performed piece of theatre. Highly recomended"!

Performance length 50 mins | Suitable for ages 3-11
Max audience 150 | Available with live music

The Merman's Tale

Based on a traditional tale by W.B Yates
Jack is a fisherman, told stories by his grandfather of the Merman, he goes on a quest to find one...
Take a magical journey with jack as he travels beneath the sea  and discovers many wonderous things, and unlocks a secret never before been told.
A visual delight told through the use of puppetry storytelling and music.

"Your performance was nothing short of wonderful. I am always amazed at the imagnative use  house hold objects can be put to in a Banyan performance.The
addition of live music was inspired!"
Ards puppet festival

Performance length 50mins | Suitable for ages 3-9
Max audience 150 | Available with live music


Goldilocks and the Three Bears

If you go down to the woods today your sure of a big suprise...

A playful and imaginative retelling of a timeless story. This production was created for under 7's and will be sure to delight and charm the very first

"Delightfully crafted puppets and sets, scripts which are finely tuned to engage and stimulate their young audiences and sensitive musical scores which enchant rather than overpower."

Kevin O'Neill, Education Officer, Waterside Theatre

Performance lengh 45 mins | Suitable for ages 3-7
Max audience size 150 | Available with Live Music

Legendary Tales

'Legendary Tales' a new production supported by City of Culture performed and devised by Karen Torley of Banyan Theatre Company.

The performance features three traditional stories from Ireland 'The Children of Lir', from China 'The Golden Reed Pipe' and from India 'The Girl who married a snake'.

The performance will be told through a dynamic blend of storytelling, glove and rod puppets, shadow puppetry and object Theatre accompanied by original music composed by Sean Woods, Birchwood recording studios.

Performance length 50mins | Suitable for ages 5-11
Max audience 150 | Available with Live Music


The History of Tom Thumb

An escapade of gigantic proportions. Our tiny hero is thrown into a magnified world of scrapes and high jinks, of trials and tribulations, a world where everything is larger than life and ten times more exciting! A lively and comic interpretation of the traditional tale told through puppetry, object theatre,storytelling and music.

'Tom Thumb' captivated its audience from the start. The puppeteers approach was gently encouraging and quickly built up a relationship of trust as the children willingly entered her world. ...the puppeteers skill made him entirely believable, and when he 'escaped' into the auditorium there wasn't a child, and scarcely an adult, who didn't look up their sleeve or inside their neighbour's pockets to try and find him! "
Animations Magazine.

Performance length 50mins | Suitable for ages 3-11
Max audience size 150 | Available with Live Music

Twinkle Twinkle

There once lived a little crooked man in a little crooked house, whose only friends were the moon and the stars...

A gentle and absorbing show that brings to life the classic nursery rhymes using puppetry,objects and live music. This brand new production has been especially created for young children and is a great introduction to Theatre.

Performance length 40mins | Suitable for ages 3-6
Max audience 150


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